An Unexpected Life Preserver During Stressful Times
– Photo courtesy of Greg Fischer –

I never thought I’d get Covid. Yes, twenty-three of my friends had it during the month of July, but me? No way! Well that fantasy ended when Ken and I picked up the virus on our getaway to Montana.

During my illness, I experienced mild symptoms – my head felt like it was gripped in a vice that was being tightened ever so slowly. I was grateful for the morning when the tide turned and I became a mere puddle of sweat.

The Aftermath

Before Covid, I’d consider myself someone with pretty good wellness habits. I meditate, hike with Grace, eat a whole-foods plant-based diet, do yoga, and practice gratitude – extremely helpful activities to get through the tough times we are living in. After my brush with Covid I felt like a deflated balloon – without energy, motivation, or desire to do … Read more

Dog ejected from car in Idaho crash found two times afterwards herding sheep

Tilly the pet dog has had a chaotic several days.

At 11:55 a.m. Sunday, Linda Oswald’s spouse and children was driving along Idaho Condition Highway 41 with their puppy in the back again of their GMC Yukon when they collided with another car.

The crash shattered the Yukon’s rear window and flung Tilly by the opening. He survived the ejection unharmed but shocked, and took flight throughout the prairie south of Rathdrum as an alternative of hanging around at the crash.

The story could have finished there, with a confused and missing Tilly roaming North Idaho. But late Tuesday early morning, Tilly returned to the Oswald relatives dwelling unharmed and invested most of the day curled up and asleep on his favored couch.

Oswald is ecstatic to have observed Tilly. She states if it weren’t for a regionally viral Fb put up and the support of some farmers, he’d continue

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