Knoxville Town Council talk about potbelly pigs as livestock | Iowa

KNOXVILLE — A 911 contact relating to a loose pig sparked a discussion with regards to whether or not or not the animal should be legally considered a pet.

The matter matter arose pursuing an incident on June 28, in which the Marion County Sheriff’s Business office received a report of a pig running loose on a general public street.

According to CSO Officer Meredith Clark, code 6-4D-1 states no livestock is allowed inside metropolis limitations. By browsing Iowa Code 717, she realized all breeds of pigs drop beneath the definition of livestock.

Through the Knoxville Metropolis Council meeting, people spoke on how the metropolis need to revise the plan and allow them to keep on maintaining their pet pigs.

Knoxville resident Mary Oldam offered packets to the council customers which contained letters from her neighbors, stating how they don’t take into consideration her pig a nuisance. The packet also

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