Tom Clyde: Bezos in space

Jeff Bezos’ rocket journey was on whilst I was eating breakfast, so I watched it. There is no issue that the know-how behind it is amazing, and that new things will in the end spin out of it. The personal computer sector and all the superior (and negative) it has introduced to the entire world was largely a spin off from NASA and the moon landing. They did the engineering for the moon landing with slide policies, but the line from your cell phone to some engineer at NASA is really straight.

The inspiration driving the moon landing was not solely scientific improvement. There was much more than a minimal little bit of concern about getting capable to nuke the Ruskis from space just before they did it to us. The International Space Station seems to be much less dread-driven and more purely scientific. Bezos and Richard Branson aren’t motivated

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A Space Toilet for Your Cats

If you want most of the companionship that comes with a dog with less of the work, cats are great. They sleep most of the time, and a lot of the rest they’re inclined to spend by themselves. Walks are purely an optional affectation for the feline-obsessed, as is outdoor time (which many pet experts don’t recommend). Cats just want food, chin strokes, sunny naps, and play time, and they reward you for the effort by scaring off vermin. They instinctually gravitate toward doing their dirty business in a litter box, meaning you don’t need to structure your schedule around their bathroom needs like Spot does.

There’s one thing kitty parents can’t get around, though: That litter box needs to be scooped on a consistent basis and regularly emptied and wiped out, due to both the terrible smell and the high probability that said cat will take one

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