Border terriers: The dogs with endless energy that still love a cuddle on the sofa

The Border terrier has it all: bags of character, endless energy and yet small enough for cuddling on the sofa. Katy Birchall finds out more.

In the summer of 2019, Lorraine Kelly invited 100 guests and their dogs to join her at London’s ITV studios in a bold attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most dogs sitting down simultaneously for 30 seconds.

The presenter’s Border terrier, Angus, was naturally a principal focus for the cameras. ‘Of course, all the dogs did it beautifully and sat down together,’ Lorraine recalls. ‘That is, except for Angus, who stubbornly refused to sit until the time was up. That was when he plonked himself down on his bottom with a cheeky grin.’

Lorraine Kelly and her Border Terrier Angus. Picture courtesy of Lorraine Kelly.

This brazen mischievousness is a charming quality of the Border terrier, one of many that has won

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