This is The Smartest Dog Breed, According to a New Study
this is the smartest dog breed, according to a new study

Ralf Bitzer / EyeEmGetty Images

Border Collies can ‘effortlessly’ learn the name of their toys, after a new study found one smart pup was able to identify an impressive 37 toys.

According to researchers at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest, Hungary, the ability to learn toy names in dogs is incredibly rare, with just a few number of ‘gifted’ pups being able to do so. While the Border Collie wowed researchers, the team found that both puppies and mature dogs also had the skill to learn toy names.

How did the study work?

As part of their ‘Family Dog Project’, researchers ran a three-month training programme with the aim to teach 40 dogs the name of at least two toys. Some of the training protocol included weekly sessions with a dog trainer, as well as playful interactions where the dog’s owner would repeat the name of the toy several

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