Predicted pandemic pet crisis mainly sidestepped Bay Area

Rescue teams feared there could possibly be a reckoning when California went into a COVID lock-down and folks sought companionship by adopting pets. A working day may possibly arrive when individuals, who had been no lengthier cooped up at household, might find that adopting Fido may possibly not have been the finest final decision.

Here’s cause for careful optimism: That working day has nevertheless to get there. So considerably, men and women are maintaining their pandemic animals.

The Peninsula Humane Society and SPCA, as nicely as Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Basis, Berkeley Humane and East Bay SPCA, are seeing decrease than typical pet returns.

Allison Lindquist, president and CEO of East Bay SPCA, states rescue groups had been bracing for the easing of COVID restrictions, when pet house owners may start venturing again to workplaces and traveling when much more. A tsunami of returned pets was feared, but so

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