Spot On Pet Ride Sharing Service

Spot On Pet Ride Sharing Service

Ten years ago, when our second Weimaraner Bodhi came down with a debilitating bone disease, I would have done anything to have access to a reliable, inexpensive car service we could have used to get him back and forth from our apartment to the various veterinarians’ offices we took him to. We ended up enrolling in Zip Car because it was so much trouble getting cabs and too expensive to keep calling car services.

If only SpotOn.Pet had existed back then!

SpotOn.Pet is a New York-based ride sharing service that debuted a few years back; since then, they have fine-tuned their offerings and are setting their sights on cities throughout the United States.

SpotOn.Pet’s founder Aparna Srinivasan got the idea for a ride sharing company catering to pets and their owners when she lived in Los Angeles. She had a car, but transporting her

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20 Dog Breeds That Are Best as Service Animals

Service dogs are the superheroes among our four-legged friends, as they help humans with physical or mental disabilities lead more independent lives.

These dogs are then trained to work and perform specific tasks until the animals understand when to take specific actions to assist.

Dr. Mary Burch, Director of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Family Dog Program, believes good service dogs can come in all shapes and sizes.

She told Newsweek: “A dog’s size can be helpful depending on what they are being trained to provide services for.

“For example, a larger breed is a better option than a smaller one for those who need help with mobility assistance.

“Smaller breeds such as a miniature poodle can be good as hearing alert dogs.”

And she adds while specific breeds are suitable for a particular role, they should in general be “trainable, focused, eager to work with their owner [and]

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