Top 5 ways to properly care for your senior pet

A senior cat or dog needs a different level of care than when they were young. The older your pet gets the more they’ll show signs of aging like arthritis, muscle loss, loss of hearing and eyesight, weight gain or loss, lethargy and more. Luckily, there are five things you can do regularly to help your beloved senior pet age comfortably and with ease.

The first step is to stay on top of your senior pets’: 

1) Veterinary Care

No matter your pet’s age, you should be taking them for regular veterinary check-ups to ensure they are healthy in every way. However, the older your pet gets, the more important these regular check-ups become because older animals are more prone to developing hormonal diseases, cancer, diabetes and so much more. 

Getting your senior pet evaluated by a vet at least once a year can help rule out any serious health

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What is National Senior Pet Month and Why is Celebrated?

While we go looking for a pet to adopt, many prefer puppies or kittens, but someone hardly considers the aging seniors. This is the time when we urge pet lovers to consider opening their homes to these sweet older pets. So, to remind everyone how lovable seniors are, this month of November is dedicated to these older pets.

Pet lovers who are the proud pet parents of senior pets celebrate this month to honor their pets. With advancements in science, pets are living a longer, healthier, and happier life. This also brings to us certain responsibility to take care of our senior pets, being aware of their aging would be a stepping stone. Let’s learn more about the Senior Pet Month and the changes that occur in our pets as they age. Later we’ve discussed the things that we as pet parents can do to make their life more comfortable.

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Family Gives Senior Staffy A Special Send-Off Before She Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

It was incredibly hard for Emmie to hear that her beloved best friend, Molly, who she has had since she was a puppy, had developed cancer. But because she has treasured every moment of her time with Molly, it was easy for her to decide to plan a memorable last day, filled with all of her four-legged best-friend’s favorite things. 

Emmie shared her emotional video of their last adventures, and it’s already amassed over 350,000 likes.


Two months ago, Emmie received the devastating news that her sweet, senior Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix had developed many cancerous tumors all over her body. After what started out as a few lumps turned into painful masses, it was her veterinarian’s recommendation for 12-year-old Molly to be put down.

Last Day

“A few lumps started appearing on her, but at first they weren’t causing her any pain and it was just put down to

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Puppies and Senior Dogs: How to Ensure Your Dog Is Healthy At Any Age

Welcoming a new dog into your home is an exciting milestone. You have a new lifelong companion that will return your love and affection. However, a dog also comes with responsibilities to ensure their ongoing health and happiness.

Puppies and Senior Dogs: How to Ensure Your Dog Is Healthy At Any Age

Unfortunately, many novice dog owners are unaware of how to choose a healthy puppy, which can lead to significant stress, medical bills, contending with chronic illnesses, and ultimately, the untimely death of your pet. Here is our advice for ensuring your dog is healthy at every age:

Get a puppy that is at least eight weeks old

A pup should stay with its mother and littermates for at least the first eight weeks of life. Unless under extreme circumstances, every responsible shelter or breeder will know this. Generally, smaller dogs need to stay with their littermates for longer, so expect to get a Great Dane at a younger age than a Chihuahua

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Considerably Fetched Puppy Rescue specializes in senior, particular requires canine

Rachel Rice and her husband started off Much Fetched in their residence in 2017. They consider in canines from all in excess of Indiana.

INDIANAPOLIS — A few from Camby has focused their lives to getting treatment of ill and susceptible dogs who may well by no means obtain a for good house. Considerably Fetched Canine Rescue’s mission is rooted in compassion.

Rachel Rice and her spouse started Significantly Fetched in their dwelling in 2017. She claims it is really about preserving the animals, that have a “much-fetched” possibility at a better daily life.

“We definitely started the rescue as a standard, all-breed doggy rescue. Then, we noticed what was going on was there would be puppies that couldn’t uncover a area with another rescue due to the fact they failed to will need a lot extra care or their homeowners handed away,” Rice said. “We have seen families that

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Cincinnati animal shelter puts out simply call for public to adopt senior cats, canine

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Cincinnati animal shelter puts out call for general public to adopt senior cats, dogs

A Cincinnati animal shelter is placing out a contact for the community to adopt senior cats and canines because its shelter is overcapacity.”We’re sending out an SOS: Preserve Our Seniors!” Cincinnati Animal Treatment wrote on Fb Friday.Cincinnati Animal Treatment is contacting its overcapacity circumstance a “Code Crimson,” stating the shelter

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