Back To School Separation Anxiety

The school year is beginning anew, and it’s an exciting time for children and parents alike. Kids get to see their school friends again, continuing to develop those treasured social bonds, and stuffing in some education here and there, while parents have the house back to themselves for a few months.  However, back to school time is not a big party for every family member. Pets, especially new pets, who aren’t used to spending much time alone can find themselves distraught with the lack of daily attention and company that they’ve become accustomed to over the summer months.  This can lead to all sorts of mischief, mayhem, and undesirable property damage. So considering the season, we’ve decided to revisit a timely subject and talk about dogs with separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety is a serious condition for dogs that can cause a lot of suffering. As extremely social animals, pack life

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