How Digital Technology Helps Keep Your Pets Safe Anywhere

The role of animals in our lives has changed dramatically. Since wolves were first domesticated by humans, cats and dogs soon became a huge part of people’s daily lives, with dogs becoming inseparable from humans. 

Today, pets are considered by people as part of the family and are treated as such. They are given toys, specialty food, beds, accessories, and lately, even their own special devices. 

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Technology is integral to our lives, and with the Internet, everything is now connected. People can access their emails through watches, control their lights and devices through their phones, and shop at the touch of a button. 

Digital technology can also help introduce businesses to the public and gain visibility on digital platforms through the help of Melbourne

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Injured City Kitten Is Now Safe in Our Hands

Terrified and hiding under a New York City bus with a severely damaged left eye, Granola barely made it out of the perilous situation he was in. Fortunately, the tiny, five-week-old kitten was found by our rescue partner, Manhattan Animal Care Center, who contacted us because they knew we would provide Granola with the care he needed.

“When Granola arrived, he was in very poor condition, weighing only 1 ½ pounds, dehydrated, with a ruptured eyeball requiring enucleation,” said Dr. Gerard Laheney, Animal League America Senior Veterinarian. It is a condition that we are experienced in treating. Dr. Laheney explained that this issue is typically caused by a simple viral infection or conjunctivitis that was left untreated. As the feline’s eyes become dry and irritated, they rub them to clean away the discharge, which causes more swelling and irritation. A vicious cycle of pain and swelling ensues. Once the eye

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Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe On Bonfire Night

The fireworks year can be a tough time for pets and livestock, and their entrepreneurs. Many animals have additional acute hearing than people, and of program there is no way to make clear to them the rationale for the unexpected loud bangs. However, there are some techniques that animal entrepreneurs can consider to minimise the affect of the sounds and disruption. 

How to help pet dogs cope with fireworks

All around fifty percent of all dogs uncover loud bangs and whistles distressing. Their ears are pretty sensitive, and some breeds of doggy might even experience bodily suffering in their ears from the noise. Consequently, it is vital to retain them indoors in the quietest space in the residence on bonfire evening. 

Walk them for the duration of the daytime, prior to any firework displays begin, and prepare to invest the night at dwelling with your canine. In the function that

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View Gracie the ‘Bark Ranger’ Border Collie Keep Wildlife and Visitors Safe and sound at Glacier National Park

Gracie, Glacier Nationwide Park’s resident ‘Bark Ranger’ border collie proves dogs are really the most difficult workers—all for the modest wage of stomach rubs.

In 2016, employees associates at GNP uncovered a increasing safety issue at their park. The habituated wildlife—especially mountain goats and bighorn sheep—roamed near to the trails and parking heaps, creating an increased security possibility for both equally park visitors and wildlife. Which is when Mark Biel, GNP’s Normal Sources Method Manager, took inspiration from other parks to resolve the situation a herding dog that could safely direct wildlife away from fast paced regions.

Biel volunteered Gracie, his individual border collie, for the job. And just after temperament assessments, temperament assessments, and a 10-week schooling application, Gracie was all set for the work.

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Biel tells Daily Paws that on Gracie’s

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Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Summer

The warm, sunny summer months may seem like the ideal time for you to be out and about with your dog. But hot weather can be uncomfortable for dogs and even dangerous for their health.

Take these steps to keep your dog safe in the summertime:

Exercise safely.
If it’s hot out for you, it’s even hotter for your dogs. On hot or humid days, opt for shorter, less-intense walks, runs, or games of fetch. Try to take them out in early morning or late evening to avoid direct sun.

Dogs with white ears are at higher risk of sunburn and even skin cancer from too much sun exposure. Apply pet-safe sunscreen to your dog’s ears, nose, and coat before heading out.

Short-nosed or flat-faced dogs like boxers and pugs are more likely to have trouble breathing and get overheated in the summer.

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