The RAF Came Close to Adopting the F-14 Tomcat. What Occurred?

In its operational record, only two countries have ever employed the F-14 Tomcat: the United States, which observed considerable use of the aircraft in the Vietnam War, and Iran, wherever Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi bought the planes in the 1970s and Ayatollah Khomeini’s forces made use of them to excellent result in opposition to Iraq in the pursuing ten years. Partly owing to its remarkable flexibility, and partly because of to its incapacity to buy anything else, Iran has continued to operate the F-14s, effectively past the end of their operational existence in the United States.

That the plane’s use need to be constrained to The usa and America’s greatest adversary is a curious twist of fate. Nonetheless, the U.S. inability to export the F-14 was by no signifies unavoidable. Lots of countries, which includes Israel and Japan, expressed curiosity in getting the Tomcat, right before mostly deciding on the

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