Happy Dogs and More Happy Dogs with Radio New Zealand

I spoke about dogs with Jim Mora for Radio New Zealand’s Sunday Morning–and then came back to answer listeners’ questions. 

Two happy herding dogs in a field of long grass, with the cover of the book Wag by Zazie Todd

By Zazie Todd PhD

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Recently, I chatted all about dogs with Jim Mora for Radio New Zealand’s Sunday Morning. We talked about my book, Wag: The Science of Making Your Dog Happy, the importance of reward-based training and enrichment for your dog, and the relationship between dogs and their people.

You can listen to that interview here: Dr. Zazie Todd: how we know your dog loves you.

Then I came back to answer listeners’ questions about dogs. We didn’t manage to fit them all in, but we covered lots of topics from dog training treats and the best ways to train your dog or deal with behaviour

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Off-leash dog trails proposed for Radio Hill in Elysian Park | Parks

Radio Hill

How could a fire-prone hill in Elysian Park be made safer? Send in the dogs, says a park advocacy group.

The Citizens’ Committee to Save Elysian Park says creating off-leash dog trails in the Radio Hill area would attract more people and their pooches to the remote corner of the park. That in turn would create more “eyes and ears” to discourage illicit activity and prevent and report fires on the hill.

The group has put out a petition to drum up support as the group lobbies Council District 1 and the recreation and parks department.

“Not only will this create an outdoor destination for local dog owners to explore, but we also believe a greater presence will help secure the radio towers and improve safety in the area,” said Taylor Renee Haynes, the secretary for the CCSEP. “Currently, this section of the park is mostly

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