An Unexpected Life Preserver During Stressful Times
– Photo courtesy of Greg Fischer –

I never thought I’d get Covid. Yes, twenty-three of my friends had it during the month of July, but me? No way! Well that fantasy ended when Ken and I picked up the virus on our getaway to Montana.

During my illness, I experienced mild symptoms – my head felt like it was gripped in a vice that was being tightened ever so slowly. I was grateful for the morning when the tide turned and I became a mere puddle of sweat.

The Aftermath

Before Covid, I’d consider myself someone with pretty good wellness habits. I meditate, hike with Grace, eat a whole-foods plant-based diet, do yoga, and practice gratitude – extremely helpful activities to get through the tough times we are living in. After my brush with Covid I felt like a deflated balloon – without energy, motivation, or desire to do … Read more