Dogs in the Workplace: Should You Bring Your Dog to the Office?

Since last year, things are slowly going back to normal and many of us are returning to our offices as well. And we’re certainly missing our furry pals who would lie quietly at our feet, providing a comforting presence, while we slave away at our computers. We’re sure you would agree that leaving your pup behind is the hardest part of our working day.

It’s a good thing that National Take Your Dog to Work Day is
just around the corner. We celebrate it on the Friday following Father’s Day
and for 2022, it’s June 24. It’s not just the perfect excuse to take our pups
with us, it’s also a wonderful way to show off our favorite pet to our

How National Take Your Dog to Work Day Begun

Dogs in the Workplace: Should You Bring Your Dog to the Office?

Pet Sitters International is an educational association for professional pet sitters. And if you’re a dog owner who needs

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How to tell your doggy you might be going again to the office | Way of life

Scene: A doggy owner has been knowledgeable that his firm will be recalling staff members to the business office. He summons his pet dog to break the information.

Human: So we have to communicate.

Canine: I cannot chat. I experience the globe by a symphony of aromas, the angle of the sun, and how considerably my butt does, or does not, itch.

Human: Suitable, Okay, but for the functions of this tale, let’s assume you can.

Dog: Ok. [Scratching.] Now, what were we conversing about? Was it foodstuff? By the way, there is week-previous squirrel poop on your shoe.

Human: Which just one?

Canine: The a single that smells of week-old squirrel poop! You necessarily mean you you should not know? How can you not know?

Human: In no way brain. I have some news: I’m likely back to the workplace.

Pet dog: Wonderful! I appreciate you! Do you have

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New drug pet dog for Bucyrus Law enforcement Office will cost hundreds
Neil Assenheimer, who's now the Bucyrus police chief, displays the plush animal versions of the department's two K-9 officers, Ellie and Harvey, when the toys first became available in 2019. Sales of the plushies benefit the department's K-9 unit.

BUCYRUS – The Bucyrus Law enforcement Office is boosting income to add a drug pet dog to its K-9 unit.

“Now, Ellie is the only K-9 that we have in this article, the bloodhound, and she is a male-trailer she’s not a narcotics-detecting canine,” said Chief Neil Assenheimer. “I imagine that’s a support that we truly want right here in the city of Bucyrus, is one more drug doggy, so which is why we’re working to raise funds to get a pet dog to do that.”

These canine are pricey, though.

“A good deal of it is dependent on all the things from where by you go to the vendor that you decide on,” Assenheimer stated. “But the rates that I have gotten so much are any where from $10,000 to $14,000, just for the pet and the schooling.” 

“That’s just the initial outlay,” additional Capt. Tom Walker.


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