Seven dogs searching for a home including a football obsessed Border Collie

Dogs Trust Merseyside currently have over 25 dogs desperately wanting to be loved and rehomed and new pets are constantly being added each day.

Families all across the country welcomed pets into their homes during lockdown.

Unfortunately, now with restrictions eased dogs are being placed into rescue centre’s and as a result, they are at a higher capacity than ever.

Can you offer a home one of these dogs can settle into?

TeamDogs have created a list of dogs who need your help to have a second chance at happiness.


Blue is a 6-year-old Husky who sadly lost his previous owner and is looking for a particular home.

He is used to walking for miles and will need an active family who will continue this with him although he’s not a fan of car travel and will be sick.

While he enjoys a fuss it’s on his own terms,

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Why Millennials Are Obsessed With Canines
photo of yellow frisbee with 2 heart-shaped ground-beef patties as eyes and arc of dog collar as smile
Jason Fulford and Tamara Shopsin

This report was posted on the web on July 29, 2021.

Since the starting of the coronavirus pandemic, I have asked just one problem extra than any other. It’s arrive up time and once again, day and night, as often in my write-up-vaccination spring and summer months as it did in the dark times of the pandemic’s 1st wave: Are you my booboo?

The question is in no way answered by Midge, my agoraphobic chihuahua, but the solution is apparent. She’s been my booboo since 2018, when I brought her home from a cat shelter, wherever she had been stashed by a Very long Island canine rescue immediately after her foster loved ones gave her back—she didn’t like them, or any individual, and cats aren’t wanting for new pals. At 12 lbs ., she is twice as huge as the most appealing chihuahuas, and

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