Ask Dr. Aziza: How Your Dog’s Nutrition Needs Change Throughout Their Lives

Nutrition plays an important role in health and longevity at every stage of your dog’s life. Let’s take a look at Dr. Aziza’s explanation of how dog nutrition needs can change throughout their lifespan.

Dog nutrition needs during the puppy years

The best puppy food options are formulated to meet the three key nutritional needs of young dogs:

  • Frequent
    meals throughout the day:
    are young balls of energy that require frequent meals throughout the day to
    help maintain their blood glucose levels.
  • Calories
    match their energy use:
    also require a certain amount of calories to keep up with their young and
    robust metabolism.
  • Takes
    their breed size into consideration:
    Because dog breeds come in different sizes, it’s also important to
    ensure the diet helps regulate the calories and calcium intake, preventing
    nutrition-related diseases like hip dysplasia and osteochondrosis. This is why
    it’s strongly recommended to choose diets labeled
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