Best Christmas Gifts For Dog Moms!

With Christmas around the corner, for dog lovers, for your favourite dog mom (or dog dads!), you’re looking for the best gifts, right?


Well, that’s where I’m here for you, because cherishing your fur baby? Is something I totally get, and it’s something this Christmas gift guide is gonna celebrate with you.

I want to celebrate our four-legged friends and life with those furry boogers this holiday season, whether it’s making life with a dog easier? Or actually celebrating the fact that we are dog moms, and proud. These should be that thoughtful gift for that wonderful, deserving dog parent (and we’re going way further than the renaissance pet portrait – Yawn! I mean, I’m not putting that … on my walls and I wouldn’t suggest it for you).

I’ve either got first hand experience with all of these products, or second hand (e.g. if I’ve gifted them to

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