Q&A with author Henry Mance
  • Henry Mance’s debut book, “How to Love Animals: In a Human-Shaped World,” considers humanity’s complex relationship with animals in terms of the food we put on our plates and the activities we partake in that directly affects animals’ lives.
  • Much of the book explores the troubled relationship between humans and animals, but it also looks at the positive aspects of the human-animal relationship that manifests in our treatment of pets.
  • The author grapples with some difficult questions, such as whether hunting can actually be an ethical activity and whether zoos have conservation value.
  • He concludes that animals should be treated with more respect and kindness than we currently give them, and that we should look for ways to redefine our relationship with animalkind, not only for ethical reasons but for environmental reasons as well.

Many of us love animals. At least, we think we do. We may serve our cats

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