Athens-Clarke animal shelter on the lookout for volunteers to foster puppies, cats
Kristall Barber, animal services director for Athens-Clarke County, cuddles with Tsunami, who had contracted parvovirus resulting in a shelter quarantine, on Friday, Aug. 6, 2021. Tsunami has fully recovered and is available for adoption.

Athens’ animal shelter is overflowing with cats and pet dogs through a seasonal spike that has swelled the facility to around capability.

Athens-Clarke County Animal Services operates a shelter for surrendered and stray animals, primarily cats and canine. The shelter has 53 cages for pet dogs and as of Friday, they experienced 55 puppies, which includes a mom and eight puppies, who were not in a cage but remaining retained in a independent home.

The shelter also has approximately 200 cats and kittens accessible for adoption, 90 of which are in foster households, and the remaining 100 at the facility on Buddy Christian Way. There are around 15 canines in foster care as effectively.

Spring and summer time usually see a spike in animals at the shelter, Kristall Barber, ACC animal products and services director, defined. Also, far more kittens and puppies tend to be born then.

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