Tim Gunn’s Content Location Is ‘Schitt’s Creek,’ Washed Down With Very good Gin

4. Gin

Why are there so handful of gin drinkers? Everybody’s consuming vodka or in some instances white rum. Ugh. I come about to be a massive gin lover, and I have had buddies, my community liquor store, their acquaintances deliver me their gin tips based mostly on one thing unusual. And New York point out gin is some thing people are conversing about now. Now, if it’s not from the U.K., forget about it. It is completely undrinkable. My niece’s boyfriend brought me a bottle of gin three months ago, and I imagined, “Oh, this is thrilling, and it’s a attractive label, and I cannot wait to check out it.” Oh my god, I believed I was likely to die of poison. [Walks to his bar to look at the brand] It’s dark, and it is from Rochester. It is a amazing bottle. It is referred to as Barr

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