Lexington woman publishes e-book, boosting funds for new animal sanctuary
People can buy a copy of “Hogs are Smarter than Dogs: & Other Fun Farm Facts” at Trendz's at 5480 Main St. in Lexington.

Cows are curious, sheep have a excellent memory, and pigs are smarter than canines are just some of the fun facts kids can master about in a Lexington woman’s guide.

Lexington resident Kalie Schumacher-Smith holds a copy of her self-published children's book “Hogs are Smarter than Dogs: & Other Fun Farm Facts” which is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble and at Trendz's in downtown Lexington.

Kalie Schumacher-Smith self-revealed “Hogs are Smarter than Pet dogs: & Other Fun Farm Facts” this earlier spring, a e book that teaches kindness and empathy towards farm animals, and all reserve proceeds go toward creating the Organization for the Security of Animal Life (OPAL) Farm Sanctuary.

“We undervalue the minds and emotions of animals, and farm animals are definitely clever sentient beings that are entitled to a position to are living out their life in peace,” Schumacher-Smith said in an e mail. “I system to make OPAL Farm Sanctuary a safe place for animals who need rescuing (those people who have endured abuse or are possessing their lives finished simply just mainly because they’re ‘retired’ – this transpires a lot

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