Are German Shepherds Good With Kids? (Top Trust Tips)

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If you are on the hunt for the perfect pup to add to your growing family, then look no further than the German Shepherd Dog!

German Shepherds are great with kids and families of all sizes. This is because they are smart, trainable, loving, and active dogs.

Children are also great to have in the home with a German Shepherd for company, for play mates, and for a large pack/family structure. However, children and large dogs can seem like a worrisome combination.

There is one thing about children that is completely reliable: they are completely unpredictable around animals.

This is the number-one reason why German Shepherds are so good with kids! They have an excellent temperament that allows them to remain calm in unpredictable circumstances.

Are German Shepherds Good With Kids

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20 Small Dog Breeds That Are Good With Kids

There are plenty of pint-sized pups with appropriate dispositions to make wonderful additions to families with small children.

Dr. Jerry Klein, the American Kennel Club’s (AKC) chief veterinary officer, says dogs can be a good addition to almost any family with children, but there are certain factors to consider.

“Dogs teach kids about responsibility and the importance of taking care of a pet,” he tells Newsweek. “When choosing a dog for your family, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and the ages of your children.

“If a child is too young, a delicate dog would not be a good match for a rambunctious two to six-year-old. Those children might fare better with a bit sturdier but stable breed.”

The AKC expert adds different dog breeds may be more appropriate for specific circumstances.

He said: “Some breeds have plenty of patience, others have the energy to play for hours, and

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Best Cat Movies & Shows For Kids

Kids today might get a kick out of watching hilarious cat videos on YouTube or TikTok while we long for those beautiful days of “I Can Has Cheezburger?” memes. However you get your feline fix, it’s almost certain that you’ll love streaming any of these great cat movies and TV movies that are pawsitively purr-fect (sorry, not sorry) for the whole family.

One this list, you’ll find sweet movies like That Darn Cat, Puss in Boots, and Pets United, which focus on all of the best traits of cats — their sassiness and mischievousness. But if you’re not looking for a full-length film, there are plenty of cat-themed TV shows on this list to watch as well. For example, be sure to add Kid-E-Cats and Gabby’s Dollhouse, shows that teach kids important lessons and valuable skills using a cat as the main character, to your watchlist.

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