Flying canines make dozens of new very best good friends in Ipswich
flying high dog show ipswich
In one level of competition, kids saw how fast they could toss a frisbee though Piazza clocked their pace with a radar gun. Most have been over 20 mph.

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by Ella Niederhelman

IPSWICH — From bouncing backflips to traveling Frisbees, these puppies were flying substantial Wednesday afternoon.

The Ipswich General public Library hosted Mike Piazza and his talented border collie’s of Flying Higher Dogs on Wednesday afternoon, August 4, at the Corridor-Haskell Property lawn.

With a crowd restricted thanks to COVID-19, Piazza carried out for 125 Ipswich citizens on the green neighboring the Hall-Haskell Home.

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Beginning the show off with the nicely regarded tune, “Who Let the Canine Out,” Piazza introduced 3 of his five distinguished border collie’s.

Oreo, at just 11 weeks old, commenced the exhibit. The pup ran towards the crowd of young children and family members, and was

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