Lee County animal rescue raided, two arrested for inhumane cure of animals

LEE COUNTY, S.C. (WIS) – The South Carolina Division of Natural Means has arrested two women in link with the inhumane therapy of animals.

Laura Ross and Nicole Lafaivre are experiencing several costs together with illegal possession of white-tailed deer, inhumane treatment of animals, and illegal importation/possession of non-native wildlife species.

On June 29, conservation officers executed a research warrant on a residence in Lee County.

On arrival, officers identified various deer, more than 200 squirrels, and other animals staying retained in crowded situations inside a double-broad cell residence on the home. Armadillos and nutria, an invasive species native to South The united states, were also uncovered on the house.

Officials say some of the small mammals ended up staying stored in cages stacked in the dwelling room of the mobile house though other individuals had been roaming freely.

Quite a few wildlife companies will be assisting SCDNR with securing

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