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Aska's Animals

The small farm just north of Victor, Idaho, home of Aska’s Animals Foundation, which strives to “provide a progressive environment for animals through rehabilitation, adoption, education and community outreach,” according to their website.

Chanco, Percy and Wally aren’t just “roommates.” Rescued from unsafe living environments, these three pigs eat, sleep and play alongside their caretaker Aska Langman, founder of Aska’s Animals Foundation, a nonprofit committed to temporary and long-term care for animals in need of rehoming.

Born and raised in New York City, Langman started surrounding herself with animals from a young age. Raising cats in her apartment, she had an inkling that animal care would be her life’s purpose.

“I found a way to be weird, a way to get wacky with animals even in the city,” Langman said.

Aska’s Animals

Langman and her son, Leo, hang with Stewie, one of the resident pigs on her

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