10 Tips for Bringing Home a Rescued Small Animal

Adding any new pet to your home is an exciting time. From rabbits and guinea pigs to hamsters and gerbils, there are many options for those interested in bringing a small animal to the family – all of which are available through incredible rescues across Canada and the United States. But if you are bringing home a rescued small animal, there are a few important things to consider.


Often small animals are portrayed as low- or no-maintenance pets. But, as animal lovers, we want to provide them with the best possible quality of life.

To do this, we need to approach bringing home a rescued small animal with the same level of importance as we do when bringing

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Guinea Pig Cage Setup: Make an Enriching Home for Your Piggies

Preparing for your first guinea pigs is so exciting, but can also be confusing. Everyone seems to have different opinions on what is required, what is optional, and how you should set up a guinea pig cage.

You want to have everything ready to go when your guinea pigs come home, and it’s so easy to forget the little things!

For a guinea pig cage setup, you’ll need bedding, water bottles or bowls, hiding places, and a guinea-pig safe hay. Optional things to include are food dishes, hay racks, a litter box, and toys. You’ll also want to make sure your guinea pigs’ cage is large enough, since most pet store cages don’t meet the minimum requirements.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything there is to know about guinea pig cage setup for beginners!

Guinea Pig Cage Size

The ideal size of your guinea pig’s cage depends on how many

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Natural Home Remedies to Help Your Sick Dog or Cat

At property organic remedies for your cat or puppy


What can you do for your cat or doggy, at property, in the interim of purchasing Vitality Science supplements and when it arrives at your doorway? We have a few recommendations that can support relieve the indications. Normal “bandaids” that give additional time to a struggling animal. You ought to recognize that our mission is to decrease the struggling of all ill animals. Our life’s goal is to help your animal be healthful and happy in a natural way.


Indications and pure bandaids:


  • Gastro-intestinal Distress:
  • Organic and natural Canned Pumpkin (no spices). Pumpkin has purely natural fiber and will soothe the stomach
  • Organic Plain Yogurt: If you do not have a probiotic at house, you can give a smaller quantity of yogurt for the probiotic properites
  • Electrolyte Ingestion: Give beef or rooster bone broth (no spices or seasonings)
  • Charcoal Tablets:  Have
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Seven dogs searching for a home including a football obsessed Border Collie

Dogs Trust Merseyside currently have over 25 dogs desperately wanting to be loved and rehomed and new pets are constantly being added each day.

Families all across the country welcomed pets into their homes during lockdown.

Unfortunately, now with restrictions eased dogs are being placed into rescue centre’s and as a result, they are at a higher capacity than ever.

Can you offer a home one of these dogs can settle into?

TeamDogs have created a list of dogs who need your help to have a second chance at happiness.


Blue is a 6-year-old Husky who sadly lost his previous owner and is looking for a particular home.

He is used to walking for miles and will need an active family who will continue this with him although he’s not a fan of car travel and will be sick.

While he enjoys a fuss it’s on his own terms,

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Dogs concerned in alleged Golden Gate animal battling ring get new home

A judge accepted an order Friday from the Collier County Sheriff’s Workplace awarding custody of the 9 dogs and a rooster rescued from an alleged animal battling ring in Golden Gate to Collier County Domestic Animal Products and services.

The order also prohibits former operator Rafael Jesus Del-Valle-Jamarron, who was arrested earlier this thirty day period on several felony animal cruelty fees, from owning puppies and chickens. He must also spend for the housing and treatment of the animals up till this point, in accordance to the sheriff’s business.

A remaining get has nonetheless to be issued but could be following 7 days, the sheriff’s workplace mentioned.

“This will be certain these dogs will be risk-free, correctly cared for and have a foreseeable future,” Sheriff Kevin Rambosk claimed in a information launch.

From earlier:9 puppies, 1 rooster taken off from Golden Gate residence in feasible animal fighting ring


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Pet dog Fatally Mauls 8-Year-Outdated Woman at Household Home

An 8-calendar year-aged-girl has died after getting mauled by a doggy in Belgium, according to studies.

The pet, an American Staffordshire terrier, is believed to have belonged to a relatives good friend and attacked the child in Strépy-Bracquegnies on Sunday night.

In accordance to De Telegraaf, the girl’s mother found the pet dog attacking the 8-12 months-previous at around 11 p.m. The lady was taken to close by La Louvière hospital, but died from her accidents.

The Mons prosecutor’s business office said the kid was by yourself at the time of the assault, and law enforcement killed the animal when officers arrived at the scene as it was nonetheless staying intense.

At least two other dogs have been also existing at the property at the time, but did not attack the girl. RTL Data noted that one particular of the other pet dogs at the dwelling was another American Staffordshire

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