Peculiar Pet Facts: Halloween Edition

Welcome to our Peculiar Pet Information sequence, where by we look into the oddities of our animals and explore the science driving them.

It’s the spookiest time of the yr. The community is entire of eerie ghosts, cackling witches and… candy. It is a entertaining getaway for people today, but for your pet, there are numerous terrifying issues lurking in Halloween’s shadow. Right here are some peculiar Halloween-associated pet points that are helpful to know throughout this haunting holiday getaway.

Pumpkin Prospects as Most Well-liked Pet Costume

According to a Nationwide Retail Federation study, 1 in 5 people today prepared on dressing their pet in a costume for Halloween in 2021. The most well-liked costume was a pumpkin, adopted by a very hot pet, superhero, cat and bumblebee. Other costumes building the checklist incorporated a ghost, bat, lion, doggy, witch, devil and pirate.

If you’re among the about 20 p.c

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PetSmart’s New 2021 Halloween Costumes For Dogs, Cats, & Guinea Pigs

Between the spooky decor, jack-o-lanterns, and piles of candy, there is a lot to love about Halloween. Still, what stands out the most about the holiday are the fun costumes, which is why the release of PetSmart’s new 2021 Halloween costumes for dogs, cats, and small animals (like guinea pigs), is so exciting. While nothing is quite as adorable as a little kid dressed up for trick-or-treating, an animal in costume is a very close second.

Every year, a new line of PetSmart Halloween costumes is released, allowing animal lovers to dress their fur babies up, somehow making them even cuter than they already are. PetSmart’s 2021 Halloween costumes hit stores and online starting August 2, and the collection doesn’t disappoint. They have all kinds of cute getups sized for either small or large pets that range from silly, to spooky, to downright scary (looking at you, creepy clown costume).

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