World’s Tallest Dog, Zeus The Great Dane From Texas. See Pics and Stats

Zeus a Great Dane, from Texas, is recorded in the Guinness World Records as the tallest dog. Zeus is 1.046 meters (3 feet and 5.8 inches) tall. When standing on his hind legs Great Dane stretches over 7 feet.

The owner of Zeus, Brittany Davis always dreamed of having a Great Dane and naming it Zeus. Her brother gifted her the dog when it was just eight weeks old. She never imagined the puppy growing out to be the tallest dog in the world.

Image: Zeus The Great Dane with his Guinness World Record
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Many people ask Davis if Zeus is a dog or a horse and the people are often asking her if they can ride him or does Zeus have a saddle.

As for the food for the tallest dog in the world, Davis feeds him 12 cups of dog food formulated for giant breeds

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5 Reasons Rough Collies Make Great Pets
Do Tough Collies make great pets? Sure, Tough Collies make great animals for grown ups and children, singles and family members alike.

Desk of Contents

1. They are Exceptionally Loyal

Collies are frequently regarded for their loyalty and willingness to be sure to. This tends to make them especially uncomplicated to coach, in particular in functions that require obeying commands.

Rough Collie puppy

2. They are Pretty Intelligent

Integrated in the prime 20 most intelligent pet breeds, Rough Collies are pretty darn sensible. From picking up objects for you, to responding appropriately to what you are emotion, Rough Collies show many facets of intelligence.

Rough Collie portrait

3. They are Affectionate

Rough Collies are loving and affectionate animals. They see their people as loved ones and enjoy getting cozy. If you are on the lookout for a pet dog that will show you how significantly they recognize you, a Rough Collie is a great choice.

Collie dog lying down on autumn forest with golden leaves at sunlight


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Pet dog proprietor claims he been given great after cats attacked in Jacksonville neighborhood

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The proprietor of two canines accused of killing two family cats and seriously injuring a third explained he has been given a wonderful.

Ideas into the newsroom led News4Jax to the home of the pet dog owner, who goes by the name Kyle Ray.

When News4Jax arrived at Ray’s residence shortly right after 2 p.m. Wednesday, an animal command officer was there. Just after the officer still left, Ray told Information4Jax that he had obtained a hefty high-quality and has been purchased to surface in court simply because the metropolis wishes to label his animals as dangerous canine, which implies they’re a person step nearer to currently being taken absent from him and potentially euthanized.

Ray claimed his dogs, named Buddy and Trixie, ended up the types seen in videos attacking family animals in an space off Baymeadows Road, just west of Previous Kings Street. He stated

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