Gigi: the distinct but loved pig

Gigi is not your common relatives pet. That is to say, she’s a pig. 

Originally, it was Rayven Faxon who bought the relatives hog 4 years ago. But when Rayven moved out to be on her individual, her dad and mom, Heather and Paul, took above as Gigi’s major caregivers. 

The Faxons enjoy Gigi like any relatives pet, this kind of as their six canine, but she has a couple of quirks. For instance, Gigi likes to be poked with a meat fork, which causes her hair on her back to stand up. She then suggestions above onto her side. 

“And then she’ll want her belly rubbed,” stated Heather.

Gigi also does not dine on pig slop like livestock. Her food plan features fruits, veggies, and Cheerios, which she slurps up loudly correct from Heather’s hand. 

“She eats greater than we do,” Heather claimed. 

Gigi has a quite certain palate,

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