Pets Q&A: Can I address ferrets and kittens for fleas the exact same way?

Expensive PDSA Vet: I recently discovered that my dog has wounded his claw. I’ve been getting care of his wound at house by cleaning it day-to-day, but is there anything else I can do for him? Alice 

Claw accidents can be shockingly distressing for dogs, so get your canine checked in excess of by your vet. Even small wounds could be in danger of acquiring an infection due to any uncovered pores and skin or nail rapid, which could lead to more time-phrase difficulties and pain for your pet dog. Your vet will be ready to thoroughly analyze the influenced spot and make a decision no matter if your doggy requires any medicine, such as painkillers and antibiotics. They might also require to clip the claw off absolutely in purchase to help the healing procedure.

Expensive PDSA Vet: I’m likely away on holiday break before long and I’m fearful about

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