Feeding and Caring for Orphaned Kittens

How to Feed and Care for Orphaned Kittens

I’ve raised nine orphaned kittens over the previous 15 years. Four of them were two weeks old when their mother was slain; three others were just hours old when their mother died; and two more kittens were only a day old when they fell out of the nest in our barn.

Raising motherless kittens is not difficult, but it does need patience, time, and a lot of love.


Here are some pointers to assist you in raising orphaned kittens:

1. Build a nest.

A mother cat normally spends several hours a day in the nest with her kittens, which keeps her offspring warm. It’s critical to keep the kittens warm because if they’re not warm enough, they won’t want to eat and, in fact, all of their basic processes will slow down.

To assist your orphaned kittens conserve body heat,

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