Why Does My Puppy Go Crazy in the Evening?

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You’re sitting on your couch watching TV after a long day at work. Your sweet puppy is sleeping next to you. 

Everything’s peaceful and serene like a picture postcard.

All of a sudden, he takes off like a rocket, running frantically around the room. Like clockwork, he goes crazy in the evening. You’re wondering what happened.

In this article, I’ll explain possible reasons why your puppy suddenly becomes a whirlwind in your formerly peaceful family room. And I’ll explain what you should do in response.

Puppy Crazy At Night - white puppy lying down in bed with toy in paws.

My Aussie mix Millie routinely zips around the room late at night. And my Lhasa apso Ralphie joins in the fun. 

Bouncing around, jumping from couch to chair and running like race cars on track, they have wild looks in their eyes and opened mouths, smiling

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