U.S. to Ban Canine From Over 100 Nations Amid Issue Over Distribute of Rabies

Canine from additional than 100 nations will be banned from staying brought into the United States for just one yr for the reason that of heightened concerns about the unfold of rabies, federal health officers introduced on Monday.

The countries specific by the ban, which will consider result on July 14, are deemed to be at large possibility for spreading the fatal virus, the U.S. Centers for Condition Control and Prevention reported. They involve the Dominican Republic, Cuba, Colombia, China, Russia, Ukraine, India and the Philippines.

Officers at the C.D.C. claimed that the short-term measure was important to protect against the reintroduction of a canine rabies virus variant in United States, the place the variant has been removed due to the fact 2007.

As many as 100,000 of the 1 million puppies that are brought into the United States each and every year could be denied entry, according to

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