7 Ways to Celebrate Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

It’s heartbreaking to lose a pet. Whether it is the daunting notion that the one who was always there for you no matter what will no longer be there, or the grieving of losing the one with whom you shared the best memories, the pain of loss is real.

Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day on August 28th celebrates our furry friends who have passed before us. Founded by Deborah Barnes in honor of her ragdoll cat, this day is the time to celebrate the love that your past pets brought.

7 Ways to Celebrate Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

There are many ways to memorialize our furry, feathery, and finned friends, and you should always choose the one that brings you comfort. If you’re looking for ways to pay tribute to your departed pets, or simply want some inspiration to observe it in your way, here are a few ways

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Fighting for freedom: Remembrance Day in Canada
Remembrance Day: Honouring military members and their loved ones on this day of reflection

Remembrance Working day: Honouring military services members and their liked ones on this day of reflection 

Right now is Remembrance Working day and Paws For Response extends sincere thanks to just about every and every man or woman (and animal!) who fought, died, sacrificed, and proceeds to sacrifice for the liberty of this great country. Independence is a term that has been appropriated differently in the past couple a long time. Legal rights and privileges have been confused and interchanged. Our liberty is a privilege specified to us and shielded by associates of the Canadian navy. Blood, sweat, tears, and lives secured this privilege. It is vital that we you should not allow politics and conspiracy theories to devalue this and detract from individuals who are genuine flexibility fighters.

We also recognize the sacrifice created by the family and loved ones of service customers. These men and women could

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Happy National Dog Day! – Urban Dog

Satisfied Countrywide Dog Day!

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What is National Rescue Dog Day? May 22

Just about every year, ‘National Rescue Doggy Day’ is celebrated on 22nd May well. It is a day celebrated to grab the notice of persons to the shelter canines that are necessary to be rescued. It is the day special for the pet dogs that reside in shelters and are desperately waiting around to be in their endlessly houses.

Graphic: Chris Evan’s Instagram photo for the “National Rescue Doggy Day”
Impression Source: Instagram/@chrisevans

What is countrywide Rescue Pet Working day and how are people celebrating the working day? This day was established in 2018 by a children’s ebook writer Lisa Wiehebrink. This working day was marked by Lisa influenced by the puppy she herself rescued from the shelter.

The writer herself, wanted other people to be aware of the shelter pet dog and undertake them so they can fortunately are living their lifetime in a without end home.

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World Honey Bee Day: How you can help three native Ontario bee species in decline
World Honey Bee Day: |How you can help three native Ontario bee species in decline - August 20, 2022
Guest blog by Adeline Ee. Paws For Reaction is so lucky to have such an amazing writer & animal lover join extended our family!

Guest blog: Three native Ontario bee species in decline and how you can help

Today, August
20th, we celebrate the little, unsung heroes of our
ecosystems. It’s the 13th annual World Honey Bee Day! The first World Honey Bee Day was held in 2009, and since then, we
have been giving a quiet nod of thanks on the third Saturday of August to
honey bees and their caretakers, the beekeepers. 

Bees play a vital
role in pollination in Ontario. They help to ensure that plants can produce the fruits
and vegetables that we rely on for food. Without bees and other pollinating
super-insects, our food supply would be greatly diminished. Don’t forget how their pollination assists other plants and flowers used for medications and

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Celebrate Shelter Pets Day (+ tips to get those share-worthy dog photos!)

Every day in our home is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day (just ask our two dogs and three cats–all former shelter residents) but we can all really pull out the stops every December for this one-day event.

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day - December pet holiday

When is Celebrate Shelter Pets Day?

Celebrate Shelter Pets Day is observed every December 5. This pet holiday began in 2010 as a joint project by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Maddie’s Fund as a day for people who have adopted pets to share photos on social media.

First called Shelter Pets Take Over Facebook Day, the day was invented as a fun way for people to show their adopted pets–which would then hopefully encourage more people to consider pet adoption.

The reason the groups took this approach was because surveys they had conducted showed, “People are three times more likely to go to a shelter or rescue group when

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