Why Does My Dachshund Sleep So Much?

There are two major reasons that your dachshund may sleep so much. Older dogs often need more rest than younger ones. Their bodies and bones may start to deteriorate with age, and their energy reserves are used for essential tasks.

In addition, they may simply have a flexible sleeping schedule that lets them wake up for a knock on the door and then go back to sleep again.

Regardless of the reason, there are some things that you should know about your dachshund’s sleeping habits.

During the first week of Dachshund puppies’ life

Dachshund puppies sleep a lot, especially during the first week of their lives. Newborns usually nurse every two hours.

While they’re nursing, their eyes are usually shut and they look like they’re eating. As they grow, they’ll have more awake time, usually between two and four hours a day. This sleep-sleeping pattern is temporary.

As the dog

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