Family Gives Senior Staffy A Special Send-Off Before She Crosses The Rainbow Bridge

It was incredibly hard for Emmie to hear that her beloved best friend, Molly, who she has had since she was a puppy, had developed cancer. But because she has treasured every moment of her time with Molly, it was easy for her to decide to plan a memorable last day, filled with all of her four-legged best-friend’s favorite things. 

Emmie shared her emotional video of their last adventures, and it’s already amassed over 350,000 likes.


Two months ago, Emmie received the devastating news that her sweet, senior Staffordshire Bull Terrier mix had developed many cancerous tumors all over her body. After what started out as a few lumps turned into painful masses, it was her veterinarian’s recommendation for 12-year-old Molly to be put down.

Last Day

“A few lumps started appearing on her, but at first they weren’t causing her any pain and it was just put down to

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