Couple deals dog’s death right after staying strike by bike owner on bike route

LANCASTER – Eric Sharb and his girlfriend, Marie Marcella, took her Boston terrier, Oliver, for a routine stroll on the bicycle route at Lanreco Park on June 8.

But that day turned about to be something but routine.

Around 8:45 a.m., they claimed a male on a bicycle ran around Oliver, with the pet dog dying a week later. The route is blended-use, that means puppies, walkers, runners and cyclists are all permitted to use it. Sharb said he was cleaning up soon after the doggy when it was hit and Oliver was on a leash.

Eric Sharb sits with he and girlfriend Marie Marcella's Boston terrier, Oliver. A cyclist on the bike path at Lanreco Park hit and killed the dog last month, they said.

“Immediately after he hit him, there he (Oliver) was on the ground flopping around and just crying for his everyday living,” he reported. “I was in shock. What he (bicycle owner) did was as an alternative of slowing down or stopping or heading in the grass, he rode in in between myself and Oliver

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