In 1990, an F-14 Tomcat Intercepted a Concorde Jet (What?)

The Iran-Iraq War was one particular of the most devastating conflicts of the late twentieth century. On the ground, even with every aspect possessing modern-day weaponry, airplanes, and tanks, the war was far more reminiscent of the Very first Globe War than the Second—with poison fuel, trenches, and human wave assaults thoroughly utilized on both sides.

At the epicenter of the conflict was the Persian Gulf, the outlet for additional than half of the world’s trade in oil. As both sides were greatly reliant on oil revenue, each and every side attempted to demolish the other’s tanker fleet, inevitably resulting in U.S. deployment to the Gulf in buy to safeguard the stream of commerce.

This intervention antagonized both of those sides, and both Iranian and Iraqi vessels and plane identified on their own in conflict with U.S. Navy vessels throughout the war. In a person notorious incident, the Iraqis struck

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