Nervously awaiting another football season at UGA | Editorial Columns

If you never know by now, I like my alma mater, the College of Ga — the oldest state-chartered college in the nation. I am a happy graduate and a past president of the national alumni affiliation. I have a haughty-wanting portrait hanging someplace in my beloved Grady School of Journalism and Mass Communications, where I give what I consider a rather generous selection of shekels each and every yr to reward the superb college students who are privileged ample to obtain admission.

I am wont to brag incessantly on the academic achievements of my university, like the 25 Rhodes Students we have developed (We pause below for supporters of You-Know-Wherever Institute of Technology to remind me at the time again about their selection of astronauts — 14 — given that they’ve only experienced 6 Rhodes Scholars. Bless their hearts.)

But as a lot pride as I have in the

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The Postscript by Carrie Classon: The Treat Lady All over again | Columns

The puppies are missing me. 

My husband, Peter, predicted this soon after we moved. “All the canine will miss you!” he claimed. “They are heading to be on the lookout for the Address Lady. Really don’t you believe which is unfortunate?”

I did not. To start with of all, I didn’t consider it. Just due to the fact I handed out treats for a few of many years to the dogs did not indicate they would count on to see me yet again. Just due to the fact they remembered me when they noticed me did not suggest I would ever cross their minds if they didn’t see me. 

But yesterday I obtained two text messages from doggy homeowners boasting their canine ended up missing me. Both involved photos of the supposedly bereaved dogs. 1 showed a pet dog seeking mournfully into the digital camera. The 2nd was a image

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That Dog of a Life span | Columns

Do good trainers make wonderful dogs or do good dogs make fantastic trainers? Is there such as a point as a “Dog of a Lifetime?” I experienced one particular breeder convey to me that all of his canines are fantastic due to the fact they arrive from a wonderful line. But dogs of a life time? I after hunted with a male who claimed he had the very best doggy ever. We enable the canine out and it took off flushing pheasants in excess of the hill. Later we identified him asleep under the car. Right after locking the “best canine ever” in his automobile we took off following scattered birds. Upon return there was his dog asleep on the entrance seat with most of the steering wheel chewed off and a big hole chewed in the driver’s seat, so massive the dog’s proprietor could hardly see the street

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