Black Bearded Dragon: Why The Color Change?

Bearded dragons come in many different colors and varieties. One color that a bearded dragon can change to is black. In this article, Dr. Jess will discuss what it means if your bearded dragon turns black in color, if you should be worried, and what you can do about it. Read on for more information on black bearded dragons below:

close up of bearded dragon face with black background

Bearded Dragon Colors:

The eight species of bearded dragons across the world today, are distinguished from one another and named for the differences in their spines on their chins and necks. 

This exotic pet gets their name from their armor of spiny scales, which include a “beard” of spikes under its chin and neck that puffs up depending on their mood, most commonly seen when puffed out upset for them to seem larger to whatever is upsetting them. 

They can reach up to 24 inches long and weigh

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