Clipping Claws: A Sore Subject
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Do you don’t forget when you ended up a child and your mom or dad would make you sit continue to and reduce your nails? It was by no means a beneficial encounter. You needed to squirm and perform, but you had to continue being motionless and bored for nevertheless prolonged it took. Canine and cats truly feel the exact identical way.

Claw clipping does not occur normally to animals. They’d a lot relatively have sharp talons with which to grip and tear. Which is why acquiring them relaxed with managing their paws isn’t often the simplest of endeavors.

Canine and cats alike do not truly treatment for the procedure, and for individuals it can be a advanced predicament. So in the spirit of simplification, Petbucket will be publishing a sequence of website posts to help teach you on the essentials of claw clipping. Today’s subject is

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Clues and claws: meet the ace pet detectives | Life and style

Anne-Marie, Sydney, Australia. Specialities: cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, goats, birds, pigs and horses

I’ve always preferred animals to people. I’ve never met an animal I didn’t like, whereas there are plenty of humans I could do without. As a young girl growing up in rural Queensland, I had my own Lassie dog – Sam – stolen from me, when I was six. My siblings were older, and Sam was my best friend. He went missing before microchips and registrations – I’m almost certain we found the family who took him, but that was never proved. It always stayed with me; I never got closure. I felt like I’d failed him, which is why I dedicate my life to tracking down other pets.

During Covid in Australia we saw a massive increase in pet thefts. Obviously with increased demand comes the problem of supply. People who’d lost work saw an opportunity

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