Cat Chronicles on the Farm | The Heart of the Farm is the Family

I have by no means been a enthusiast of cleaning soap operas, but now Dennis is suggesting that I’m creating a soap opera out of our barn cats’ life. Allow me to clarify.

I have been a cat lover since I was a minor woman when I named the very first two cats I can recall, “Nancy” and “Carol,” in honor of the only two Bowman cousins I had at that time. Afterwards, when I was in very first grade and we commenced looking at about Dick, Jane and Sally, I named a tan kitten “Puff” just after the cat in my looking through guide.

There was a extensive period of time of time when our farm went without having cats. It began back in 1963, when we bought our initial Airedale puppy dog, Mitzi. She was a gentle big — but she hated cats and attacked each and every

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