Jack Russell Terriers: Temperament, Lifespan, Character

Each month we will be shining a light on different dog breeds in our series, Dog Breed of the Month. Next up, we explore the world of the lively, inquisitive and friendly Jack Russell Terriers. Keep reading for everything you need to know about these gorgeous pups…

“Jack Russell Terriers are small dogs with a big personality, known for their lively and happy character,”Bill Lambert, spokesperson for The Kennel Club, tells Country Living. “They have a lot of energy and need active exercise every day, as well as plenty of mentally-stimulating games to enjoy. They are popular family pet and will make a cheerful companion for anyone who can give them enough exercise and attention.”

jack russell

jack russell

Is the Jack Russell a good family dog?

Small, friendly dogs, Jack Russell Terriers make good family pets — and are also suitable for city-dwellers who live in apartments.

Something to remember,

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