Can Cats Have Caramel? Read This Before You Feed Your Cat Sweet Treats

You have a sweet tooth, and you can’t resist the sweetness of caramel. You also love your cat and you’d like to share your food with them. Then, we are pretty sure you’re wondering, can cats have caramel? Well, the answer is a little bit more complicated than you’d think.

Caramels aren’t toxic to your cats, but they don’t have any nutritional value and might choke your cat as well. Further, they can lead to other health problems. On top of that, your cat can’t even taste sweetness, so why do they even want to have it?

Through this article, we provide you with an in-depth answer to your question, “can cats have caramel?” and why you should stay away from them. Keep on reading to find out more.

What’s In A Caramel?

What’s In A Caramel

Before we answer your question, “can cats have caramel?” you must know

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Cat Heaven Island

The small Japanese island of Tashirojima has been dubbed ‘Cat Heaven’ by visitors. Home to only one hundred people, cats far outnumber humans in the tiny fishing village.  

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Cats were originally brought to the island to keep the mice population in check as the rodents were predators of the silkworms that were raised to spin silk to make nets. Over time, the population has aged and the silk farms have vanished – however the cats have remained and their numbers have exploded. 

The remaining locals, mostly in their seventies, pamper the cats and feed them fish. It is believed, in line with Japanese folklore, the cats bring good luck and prosperity. The fishermen also examine the behaviour of the cats to determine weather and fish patterns, which they believe they are able to predict. 


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For five years photographer Fubirai followed the cats around the village and

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Check Out This Cutie Cat Getting Spoiled During A Visit To Grandma’s House

Going to Grandma’s house is a delight, no matter if you’re a kid or a kitty! Just ask Big Chungus. This cutie cat just spent a couple of weeks getting spoiled by her Grandma and Grandpa.

And like grandmas love to do, she made sure to send Chungus’ mom lots of videos and pictures of her dearest grandcat having fun. Lucky for us, cat mom Kayli shared the visit to grandma’s house on TikTok, where almost three million viewers have watched Chungus getting spoiled!


Grandmas Know Best How To Spoil Their Grandcats

As a van cat, Big Chungus spends her life on the go with parents Kayli and Logan. So when she recently got a chance to rest her paws at Grandma’s for a while, she was pretty happy because nobody knows how to spoil a kitty like a grandma, as Kayli’s post entirely proves!

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With The Holiday Season Here, CA University Cat Rescue Needs Your Help

Let’s talk about nine-year-old Rangoon for a second. This sweet lady has had it rough. She was rescued from a hoarding situation, which tends to be filthy and cramped living. When the homeowner passed away, Rangoon and five other cats were liberated and brought into the care of the Cal Poly Cat Program at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo.

And now, like so many cats that have found a better life through this non-profit cat sanctuary, Rangoon is living comfy in a special foster home that can provide her with the dedicated care she needs to help fight pancreatitis and slow her advancing kidney disease. Simply put, Rangoon symbolizes the mission behind the Cal Poly Cat Program.


Cal Poly’s Cat Mission

Since 1992, the Cal Poly Cat Program has saved cats from the streets and other rough conditions, with the program originally started as a senior

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Back in the Barn – A Touching Short Story for Cat Lovers

“Well hello there.”

Photo by Laurence Lagasse

There’s a lady looking down at me while I lie here curled up in this blue bin on her back porch.  She doesn’t realize at first glance that I’m badly injured.  I was hit by a car two days ago.

I look up and manage to purr a little, but now I’m dozing off again, wriggling to get comfortable in the bin while my mind drifts from present to past.

I was born a year ago, one of a litter of three.  Our mother was a barn cat who lived near here – or I think near here – I’ve lost track of how far I’ve traveled.

Mom worked hard to create a home for us in a box in the corner of the barn.  She played with us every day, and she’d let us venture as far from the box as our

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