Cat called Tom Jones survives 230-mile journey after being trapped in car engine

The black and white kitten, named Tom Jones after the Welsh singer, was found by the motorist after he made a four-hour journey from South Wales to Leeds, West Yorkshire

Tom Jones was found under car bonnet four hours away from home
Tom Jones was found under a car bonnet four hours away from home

A cat used one of its nine lives after it was found hiding under a car bonnet 230 miles away from home.

The moggy named’Tom Jones, after the Welsh singer’, travelled from South Wales to Leeds, West Yorkshire – a four-hour car journey.

The driver said they heard his engine purring, but it wasn’t until he got to his destination that he saw the grease-covered cat in there.

The motorist tried to coax him out with food but when that failed he called the RSPCA.

Miraculously, the six-week-old black and white kitty was unharmed despite going on the adventure on August 12.

RSPCA Animal

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Missing Canine From Car Incident Uncovered Herding Sheep

A pet dog that was ejected from a car or truck crash in Idaho has been observed. Tilly, the 2-12 months-previous border collie was found on a neighborhood sheep farm, secure and sound KHQ claimed.

The crash transpired in Rathdrum, Idaho, and throughout the crash, Tilly was ejected from the auto. Immediately right after the crash, authorities put out information about Tilly, who was missing.

“ISP is inquiring everyone in the place of SH 41 and Hayden Avenue to be on the lookout for a dog who was ejected from the rear of the GMC as a final result of the collision. The puppy is a 2- 12 months-previous Border Collie Heeler mix that goes by the identify ‘Tilly.’” the law enforcement wrote in a press release. “Tilly has no tail, a dark-coloured experience, weighs around 70 kilos, and was carrying a multi-colored plaid and tan-coloured collar with

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Dog ejected from car in Idaho crash found two times afterwards herding sheep

Tilly the pet dog has had a chaotic several days.

At 11:55 a.m. Sunday, Linda Oswald’s spouse and children was driving along Idaho Condition Highway 41 with their puppy in the back again of their GMC Yukon when they collided with another car.

The crash shattered the Yukon’s rear window and flung Tilly by the opening. He survived the ejection unharmed but shocked, and took flight throughout the prairie south of Rathdrum as an alternative of hanging around at the crash.

The story could have finished there, with a confused and missing Tilly roaming North Idaho. But late Tuesday early morning, Tilly returned to the Oswald relatives dwelling unharmed and invested most of the day curled up and asleep on his favored couch.

Oswald is ecstatic to have observed Tilly. She states if it weren’t for a regionally viral Fb put up and the support of some farmers, he’d continue

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