New drug pet dog for Bucyrus Law enforcement Office will cost hundreds
Neil Assenheimer, who's now the Bucyrus police chief, displays the plush animal versions of the department's two K-9 officers, Ellie and Harvey, when the toys first became available in 2019. Sales of the plushies benefit the department's K-9 unit.

BUCYRUS – The Bucyrus Law enforcement Office is boosting income to add a drug pet dog to its K-9 unit.

“Now, Ellie is the only K-9 that we have in this article, the bloodhound, and she is a male-trailer she’s not a narcotics-detecting canine,” said Chief Neil Assenheimer. “I imagine that’s a support that we truly want right here in the city of Bucyrus, is one more drug doggy, so which is why we’re working to raise funds to get a pet dog to do that.”

These canine are pricey, though.

“A good deal of it is dependent on all the things from where by you go to the vendor that you decide on,” Assenheimer stated. “But the rates that I have gotten so much are any where from $10,000 to $14,000, just for the pet and the schooling.” 

“That’s just the initial outlay,” additional Capt. Tom Walker.


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