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Every day I thank Bianca for inspiring me to help create Bianca’s Furry Friends Feline Adoption Center and to expand my fostering work at North Shore Animal League America, where I’ve had a chance to meet so many loveable dogs. I’m always thrilled when my IG posts help some of them find great forever homes. So in the hope that something wonderful can happen for the five deserving dogs you’re about to meet, here they are! (I haven’t met these cuties, but my colleagues at NSALA have written charming bios so you can get to know them.)

Before arriving at NSALA a year ago, Arnie (G25619) lived in sad conditions in Georgia in a backyard breeding situation. UGH! At NSALA, Arnie is learning that people can be kind and caring. Now Arnie is looking for an experienced adopter with older children in a private home in a quiet area with

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Finding Comfort Amid Sadness | Beth’s Blog

Apple, the first cat we adopted from NSALA, underwent surgery to remove her mammary chain filled with cancer. She lived only a couple of months more. Leon Bear had a mass on his liver and didn’t survive the surgery. Charlie Chunk had a cancerous mass in his abdomen. He died a week after surgery.

And now Yoda. In his lungs.

Given our experience, Howard and I decided that surgery for Yoda with pre-existing heart disease would be too risky. After much thought and consideration and numerous conversations with specialists, we’ve chosen to continue comfort care at home. We will look for any signs from Yoda of distress or discomfort and give him the gift of ending any suffering. It’s gut-wrenching.

According to Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine Feline Health Center, here are some signs of cancer to watch for:

  • behavior changes like hiding
  • abnormal swelling
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