Appeal to help ‘morbidly obese’ collie dog double the weight he should be

A fundraising appeal has been launched to help a ‘morbidly obese’ collie dog – who arrived at a Bristol animal sanctuary nearly double the weight he should be.

Benny and Ebony arrived at Holly Hedge Animal Sanctuary in Barrow Gurney after their owner died.

Without any family to take them on, the pair arrived at the sanctuary last month.

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Due to their weight the pair had fallen into a bad state, with staff at the sanctuary rushing them both to the vets.

Ebony, 16, who was also blind in one eye, was so heavy at 46 kgs she was unable to get up unassisted and had been spending many of her days splayed out on the floor.

Due to their size, both were also suffering with calluses from bearing the pressure of their weight whilst lying down.

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