Reiki/Energy Healing for Animals – Cold Noses News
Reiki/Energy Healing for Animals – Cold Noses News
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How often do you brag about your animals’ ability to communicate with you? You are right! Animals know what you are talking about. They know when you are sad and give you comfort and watch you from a distance if you are upset.

Animals just know.

Animals and Energy

energy healing can help animals
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Animals are highly in tune with energies, especially yours. But as much as they are in tune and responsive to positive energies, they are just as susceptible and vulnerable to negative energies as people.

If the energy is happy and positive, this is a wonderful thing! Together, you amplify the bright energy.

But if you are upset, nervous, depressed, or insecure, your pet also absorbs those negative emotions. This is not a state for healing; nor even for receiving healing.

By receiving a healing session together with your animals, you can

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Volunteer Group Cooks Thanksgiving Feast For 16 Shelter Animals & 30 Feral Cats

Everyone loves a good meal on Thanksgiving, and the dogs and cats at one rescue shelter in Springfield, GA, are no exception. In fact, these furry darlings may appreciate that meal more than we will ever know. Because when you’re searching for your forever home or living in the wild, such a fine meal from kind-hearted animal lovers can be few and far between.

And with that thought in mind, the Guardians of Effingham Animal Rescue got busy in the kitchen whipping up a delicious spread for the rescue animals at the Effingham County Animal Shelter as well as a local feral colony with a colossal clowder of cats.


A Feast for The Furry

The Guardians of Effingham Animal Rescue are celebrating a win this week, with their Thanksgiving Meal for Shelter Pets initiative coming off as “an absolute success,” according to the group’s Facebook page.



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Maine animal shelter rescues nearly 40 animals from shelters hit hard by Ida

KENNEBUNK, Maine (WMTW) – The Animal Welfare Society in Kennebunk has rescued nearly 40 cats and dogs from shelters hit hard by Hurricane Ida.

The shelter partnered with Animal Rescue Front to bring 17 dogs and 22 cats to Maine from Hancock County, Mississippi. The animals arrived Wednesday.

Shelter officials said the rescued cats and dogs will be examined, spayed or neutered, received necessary vaccinations and be microchipped before being put up for adoption next week.

Anyone wishing to help support the animals is encouraged to make a financial donation though the Animal Welfare Society’s website.

People wishing to adopt the pets should go to the AWS website for more information, including how to make an adoption appointment.

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American rescue clinic founder stays in Afghanistan to pursue evacuation for employees and animals left powering
This story has been corrected.
Charlotte Maxwell-Jones poses with a rescue dog at Kabul’s airport on Aug. 29, 2021.

Charlotte Maxwell-Jones poses with a rescue canine at Kabul’s airport on Aug. 29, 2021. (Facebook/Charlotte Maxwell-Jones)

An American who founded an animal rescue clinic in Kabul is nevertheless in Afghanistan, making an attempt to persuade the Taliban to allow her retrieve animals launched by the U.S. navy and airlift them out of the place with the clinic’s workforce.

Charlotte Maxwell-Jones was not able to board a armed forces evacuation flight with the animals or charter a non-public plane ahead of international troops still left earlier this 7 days.

The U.S. armed forces produced the clinic’s animals from their cages in an enclosed area at the Kabul airport that had formerly been employed by the previous Afghan military, Maxwell-Jones and a Pentagon statement said.

Maxwell-Jones launched Kabul Smaller Animal Rescue in 2018 to rescue strays, provide veterinary solutions and help ship animals overseas for adoption. American

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20 Dog Breeds That Are Best as Service Animals

Service dogs are the superheroes among our four-legged friends, as they help humans with physical or mental disabilities lead more independent lives.

These dogs are then trained to work and perform specific tasks until the animals understand when to take specific actions to assist.

Dr. Mary Burch, Director of the American Kennel Club (AKC) Family Dog Program, believes good service dogs can come in all shapes and sizes.

She told Newsweek: “A dog’s size can be helpful depending on what they are being trained to provide services for.

“For example, a larger breed is a better option than a smaller one for those who need help with mobility assistance.

“Smaller breeds such as a miniature poodle can be good as hearing alert dogs.”

And she adds while specific breeds are suitable for a particular role, they should in general be “trainable, focused, eager to work with their owner [and]

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