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Problems Playing Tiger Woods 09 PGA Tour Left Handed

Problems Playing Tiger Woods 09 PGA Tour Left Handed
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When I started playing Tiger Woods 09 All Play I was very excited from the beginning. I had been playing Wii golf and liked it. It did get kind of boring playing the same course over and over again. Then I got the Tiger Woods Game. I read many reviews on the game and the biggest complaint I found was the way the putting worked. I thought I could live with that and decided to play the game.

I created my own character, choose my clubs and took the training course. The training went fine however when I got on the course and made the first green I could not put. Now this is the number one complaint on all the review sites. My problem seemed different. When I pulled back on the controller to initiate the putt the meter would erratically move up and down making it impossible to putt. After hours of frustrating play over two days I wanted to return the game. I thought about it for a while and then I tried to put right handed. It worked! Even though my character lined up left handed and hit just fine on the tee, in the fairway and lined up left handed on the green the game thought I was right handed on the green.

While I was in the fairway I pushed the + key and looked at the options. Sure enough it showed me as right handed. I changed to left handed and everything worked great. I had to do this until I started the Tiger Challenge. For some reason once I started the challenges it kept me as left handed.

The same thing happened to a friend of mine that came over to play. He still has to select left handed when we play.

The second problem is in the club tuner. I wanted to tune my clubs and went to the club tuner. I was slicing a little and selected the fix recommended by Tigers Coach. I started slicing more and more. Although I was playing left handed, the slice and fade were reversed. The club tuner is set for right handed play. That left out the automatic fix for left handed players. So I had to figure out what effect each tweak had on my swing.

Finding the solution to the putting bug saved me from returning the game. I did not find this fix on any of the website reviews. The putting is still not the best however it’s still a great game, even for left-handers.